May 11 2017

Super Organized Purses Hold in Place Everything a Woman Needs

The company, This is Ground, just launched a new collection of super organized purses. Called The Self Made collection, the bags come with tons of pockets and places to keep the contents of your purse secure. The bags open completely flat so you don’t have to dig around for a pen or your wallet. The fact that they unzip is genius!

I particularly love The Bank Bag. Though it’s pricey at $695, it can fit an iPad Mini or Kindle, a notebook, cords, cards, your phone, and lip glosses. Imagine taking one of these out to a meeting. I’d be impressed with anyone who sported one!

The bags are limited edition and are made in Italian leather. They come in four different colors: black, rose, baby blue, and a yellow. (Love rose!)

“The ethos of This Is Ground is to make it easier to create anywhere and for women, that means being able to see and access everything in their bag at a moment’s notice,” said women’s creative director Heather Lipner. “So far, the evolution of handbags has just been more and more pockets, but with this design, you can be prepared for anything.”

via [Conde Nast Traveler]

May 10 2017

The Three Leggings That I Love

Let is be known that I own, probably, about 50 pairs of leggings. They’re my go-to pants throughout the day, from the morning run to when I sleep. Yes, I even sleep in leggings! Recently I found out that from 2015 to 2016 online sales of leggings jumped a whopping 41%, while orders of jeans only went up 3%. Have we reached a massive turning point?

Here are three of my favorite pairs of leggings and where you can get them:

Morning Run (Exercise):

Outdoor Voices is one of those new-ish companies that sells beautifully designed workout gear. They’re not for the hardcore exerciser, they’re more for the woman who likes to fit in a yoga class here are there. I love their 3/4 Two-Tone Warmup Legging that sell for $85. If you like inspirational stories, you can read about how this young, female entrepreneur is taking on Lululemon and Nike. (The other running pair that I put in rotation are these cool “Dream Leggings” by Goop. Mostly, I love the original pattern.)

Career (At Work):

For work, you want leggings that feel more like pants, they have a bit of structure and they pull you in at the waist. Though American Giant just came out with something similar, called The Pant, I like these Inc. leggings better. They just feel nicer on my skin and they have just the right amount of compression at the waist. They’re called the Pull-On Ponte Skinny Pants and they’re only found at Macy’s.

Lounge and Sleep In:
You can’t find softer leggings than this. I heard about Lularoe leggings from multiple friends but didn’t believe the hype until I tried a pair on. They use this soft brushing technique that creates this “buttery soft” feel. Unfortunately, you have to buy these through a rep or one of their Facebook pages. I find mine through eBay, and though they are a bit pricier than what I’d pay at a party, I get to skip the hassle. They’re so soft I end up falling asleep in them! Hint: Try and ignore all the garish prints and stick to the solids.

May 9 2017

The Most Beautiful Braid

Today, I was taken aback by this beautiful braid! My friend Jenny pointed me to this Los Angeles-based company called The Braids Factory that helps you achieve the braid of your dreams. The woman behind it is freelance hair stylist Anastasiia Terebova.

This one is called the Dutch pancake crown braid. With all that lovely, pastel colored hair, isn’t the braid just beautiful? It’s like a work of art! Follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

May 9 2017

Inspiring New Book: In the Company of Women

For those women who’ve always wanted to strike out on their own, especially in a creative field, there’s an inspiring new book that just came out called In the Company of Women. Founder of the established design blog Design *Sponge, Grace Bonney, conducted a Q&A with who, what I’d call “creative entrepreneurs”, or who you’d call designers, artists, fashion designers, musicians, (you get my drift). The general feeling I got from this book was that despite their fears, these women jumped in.

For instance, here’s Jodie Patterson, a Beauty Entrepreneur’s answer when she was asked: Name the biggest overall lesson you’ve learned in running a business:
“Winners are losers who got back up. Full stop. If you want something, grab it. Get it. It’s yours, damn it.”

Here’s another Q&A I liked with Lisa Hunt, designer and artist in Brooklyn: In the moments of self-doubt or adversity, how do you build yourself back up?
“I am nothing if not resilient! I’ve nurtured the ability to feel nervous but jump in anyway and know that if I make a mistake or misjudgment, I have the smarts to work things out. It wasn’t always like that – with age comes wisdom.”

There’s a lot of these great nuggets of wisdom spread throughout the book. You’ll want to buy a stack of these to give them out to your friends. The book is that inspiring!

P.S. It was overjoyed to see Oh Joy! and Swiss Miss in the book. As a female entrepreneur, they’re my inspiration.

Here’s an LA Times article of Grace Bonny discussing the insights and overall patterns she found. Fascinating!

May 8 2017

The Exciting Story Behind S’well Water Bottles

You may have one of these beautiful water bottles sitting on your desk. Is it from S’well? I came across their amazing story just recently. Their meteoric rise to fame is something any business would aspire to. Of course, the name Oprah sprinkled into the story always helps.

Though it’s an older article, published in June 2016, it’s no less remarkable. Just because I love supporting businesses that speak to my heart, I bought my first S’well bottle. Isn’t this one, from their Galaxy collection, just beautiful? I hope to be one of their loyal customers, owning about five of them, soon!

May 5 2017

Fun Links of the Week

Sorry I haven’t been too consistent with posting lately. Been working on a super secret business project that combines my love for typography with my newfound passion for fashion. (Have I said too much?)

Here are your Fun Links of the Week:

Can we all just take a moment and stare at this stunning skirt? (While we’re at it, let’s take a look at Prada’s fanciful clothes.)

I’d proudly wear this pin.

You probably could DIY this show-stopping brooch.

Would you let the Amazon Echo help you with your style?

Love the plunging neckline.

Can’t wait for Season 2! We have to wait till Oct. 31?!

This modular planting system is stackable, streamlined, and beautifully functional.

No one could have captured President Obama better.

What do you think about digital minimalism?

Aldo’s new website is clean and easy to use. With a prominent display of social media, could be the cutting-edge way to sell products.

Simple print, sweet message.

Yes, I’d still like to check this fun museum.

Photos by Jennifer Chong via Design Milk.

May 4 2017

Fun Balloon Series Creates Happiness and Joy

Photographer Gray Malin has created a fun series featuring mylar balloons. He strings together balloons to create messages of love, joy and happiness. It all started back in 2009 at a photoshoot. While he was standing under the Eiffel Tower holding a dozen red balloons, everyone was staring at him with a smile of pure joy. This inspired Gray to create a new body of work using balloons as the focal point. Shot around the world, the series uses Mylar balloons in unique environments to evoke happiness and joy.

The series is called Up and Away.

Rather than the ones that spell out words, I like this rainbow hearts photograph.

May 2 2017

Understated Elegance by Brandon Maxwell

Though I’m all about mixing and matching colors and prints (remember my color-blocking post?) there’s something undeniably elegant of just black and white. I recently discovered Brandon Maxwell and his stunning collection on Neiman Marcus’s website and was taken aback by his perfect silhouettes. His clothes are not only beautiful, they are timeless.

Here’s a little bit about him (taken from Neiman Marcus’s website): “Brandon Maxwell rose to fame after designing and styling a gown for a celebrity in 2012. (I think this Lady Gaga.) Riding high on this success, the Brandon Maxwell clothing line was launched in 2015 to critical acclaim. The collection includes stylish cocktail dresses, pants, and jumpsuits that are perfect for daytime, evening, and special occasions. Brandon’s signature use of stunning black and white is on full display in the recent collection.”

Notice the construction and the strong architecture of his pieces? Love.

May 1 2017

Sexy Cut-Out Swimsuits

Lately, I’ve been noticing a swimsuit trend. Long gone are the boring Speedos, these days designers are creating really cool, artistic swimwear. In particular, I like how they’re cutting out certain parts of a swimsuit to show off a bit of skin. While some are a bit subtle, like Carmen Marc Valvo’s black back number, others are absolutely mesmerizingly. They make you want to stare!

Above: Rick Owens

Solid & Striped


Trina Turk

Robin Piccone




Kenneth Cole

Mara Hoffman

Carmen Marc Valvo

Forever 21

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