March 20 2017

Audrey Kawasaki’s LA Sky-Inspired Print

This past weekend, one of my favorite artists, Audrey Kawasaki released a new print. It was only for this weekend, meaning it was a timed print and if you didn’t get it on Saturday or Sunday you are out of luck! Sorry I’m telling you about this so late. I scooped mine up at 10:30pm last night, I almost missed the midnight deadline.

According to Arrested Motion, the piece, called As I Fall, was inspired by the smoggy sunset of my hometown, Los Angeles. I love the use of pinks and blues; it’s my favorite color combination.

You can follow Audrey Kawasaki on Instagram.

March 16 2017

Mindfulness and Fearlessness

First, I wanted to say that I’m sorry I’ve been gone the past few days. It was Parker’s birthday on Tuesday and we celebrated for a few days. Also, I’ll be off tomorrow to change my hair color yet again! This time it’s going to be called what I call “horizon”, pink on top and light blue halfway down the middle. Hope it all works out!

There are a few things I wanted to share. One is this book I bought called The Mindfulness Manual and the other is Time Magazine’s Mindfulness issue. Both are really good reads on how to slow down and really appreciate life.

Here’s a quote I liked from the first book, under the article The Path of Joy:

Do I trust my own inner guidance? At the heart of every soulful life is the ability to ask your own questions and get your own answers, free from others’ judgement. It’s about tuning in to your innate wisdom and trusting what comes forth. The only way to do that is to cultivate a deeper relationship with yourself-free from the filters of fear and doubt and free from other people’s ideas and expectations. These filters build up over time and can cloud your ability to make decisions that are in alignment with your highest good.

Do I follow my heart or listen to my head? The heart never lies; the head does. We can overthink, doubt and rationalize almost anything, because the mind likes stability and a step-by-stop process. But the heart is nonlinear and sensing. So while our minds may make us believe it’s best to not take risks and avoid repeating the pain of the past, our hearts know the way to happiness.

Do I believe I can create the life I want? Your thoughts, actions and emotions all determine what your life looks like. When you don’t believe you are powerful, you allow others to hold the key to your life and happiness. And when you allow others to hold the power, you limit the options available to you. Know that by listening to your heart and your inner guidance, you truly can create-and live-the life you want. All is possible.

Written by Eden Clark and John Germain Leto

If you haven’t checked out the Instagram account of poet Mark Anthony, please do so. He’s a hopeless romantic. I bought his book.

March 9 2017

Have an Amazing Weekend!

On Friday, Sam and I will be going to LA to meet up with a consultant about starting a fashion brand. I’m excited because I think this is the start of something big! Right after, we’re headed to Big Bear with Sam’s side of the family, we’ll be celebrating some of the kids’ birthdays. (Can you believe that Parker is turning five next week? Where did the time go?)

Sorry, no Fun Links of the Week! Ok, here’s a few, delivered to you early, that you may want to check out:

Did you know that there is a house that breaks up when you do?

Can you guess which country is becoming a massive global tech hub?

What would fashion be without these women designers?

I love this statue and what it stands for.

Are you excited about the superbloom?

See you back on Monday!

Brendan McDermid/Reuters

March 9 2017

Two Eye-Catching Figurines at Sculpture by the Sea Cottesloe 2017

You can always count on the art event, Sculpture by the Sea, to deliver some cool sculptures. Each March, Australia’s iconic Cottesloe Beach transforms into an outdoor sculpture park where you can see over 70 works from local and international artists. This year, there were two figurines that caught my eye.

The one above, by artist Alessandra Rossi is called Untitled Coral (aqua). Love how this girl was created in different shades of blue, which match the sky and the ocean. The meaning? Alessandra Rossi’s haunting, figurative sculpture “grapples with modern issues of identity, functioning as a metaphor for the patination and discoloration of emotion engendered by the digital era.”

The one below, by Zadok Ben-David, is titled Big Boy. It was created using stainless-steel. Doesn’t it make you do a double take? As the artist states, “I saw a boy in the street. I took a picture of him. I created a shadow. It was partly experimenting, trying to retain that sense of a flat image; then adding another dimension to create a kind of illusion. It was one of only a few figures from the installation I enlarged, in this case to about 51/2m.”


Sculpture by the Sea Cottesloe is staged on Perth’s stunning Cottesloe Beach from March 3rd to March 19th 2017. If you’re living in western Australia, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t see this!

March 8 2017

Sneak Peek: Four Fashion Trends You’ll See in Spring/Summer ’18

Though on this blog we usually write about art, design or photography, there are times when we cover fashion. There’s definitely an artistic element to it. Above all creative disciplines, fashion trends change the quickest so it’s fun being a trendspotter, one that has their own imaginary crystal ball they can look into to decipher what everyone will be wearing tomorrow.

At this year’s LA Textile show, one of the seminars was called Women’s and Young Contemporary Trend Stories for Spring/Summer 2018. Presented by Melissa Moylan from Fashion Snoops, it showed four seasonal narratives that they predict will happen next year. Fashion Snoops is a creative platform that, for a membership fee of $1,250 per month, gives users access to their editor’s inspiration boards, trend webcasts, personal report feeds and trend alerts among other benefits.

This year, they talked about the trends we’re seeing right now: the deconstructed blouse, ruffles, fringe, and embroidery.

Next year you’re going to see four distinct looks. As a sneak peek, you can see them in visual form here. Do they resonate with you? Are you excited about any of them?




If you’re looking into going into the fashion industry, a trade show like LA Textile Show is a good place to start. They had three days of back to back seminars on everything from spotting trends to starting up your own business. You can also walk the showroom floor to see and feel the latest fabrics. If you want to go big, MAGIC in Las Vegas is one of the top trade shows in the world. It takes place two times a year, once in February and once in August.

Permission of images granted by Fashion Snoops.

March 8 2017

2100 Illuminated Handcrafted Daffodils Represent the Light a Nurse Brings to a Terminally Ill Patient

I love installations like this. Ones that aren’t just beautiful to look at, but ones that have a deeper meaning behind them. The “Garden of Light” consists of 2,100 illuminated handcrafted daffodils which each represent a Marie Curie Nurse. The daffodils are purposely illuminated to symbolize the “light” these nurses bring to terminally ill patients during their last, most darkest days.

The immersive art installation, created by public artists Greyworld, opened to the public in London’s Paternoster Square on March 1st and can be seen through March 14th. It will travel across the country and be open to visitors in Edinburgh and Cardiff.

For those unfamiliar with Marie Curie, it is a charitable organization in the UK which provides free care and support to people with terminal illnesses and their families. It was established back in 1948. The Great Daffodil Appeal is Marie Curie’s largest annual fundraising campaign. Each March, millions of people in the UK support this fundraising event by giving a small donation to wear a daffodil pin.

Visitors to the installation are encouraged to walk through pathways amongst the flowers while hearing recordings of voices reading real-life letters sent to Marie Curie Nurses from the families of patients they’ve supported. Seeing these lit up daffodils and hearing the touching stories, I can only imagine the feelings this powerful installation conjures.




via Design Curiel
Photos via Marie Curie

March 7 2017

Shonda Rhimes’ Awe-Inspiring Speech at TED

Awhile back, I read Shonda Rhimes’ book, Year of Yes. Last year, I knew she gave a speech at TED (it was in February 2016) but I never watched it, until now. Rhimes is eloquent with her words, she’s absolutely captivating. You can’t help but admire her for her hard work ethic and also for her ability to see the value in play.

Here’s an excerpt from the TED blog:

Each show Rhimes works on costs millions of dollars, and creates hundreds of jobs that didn’t exist before. With three shows in production at a time, sometimes four, she’s responsible for 70 hours of TV a season at a price tag of about $350 million. She has to run the business and also carve out time to “gather America around my campfire and tell my stories.”

She isn’t complaining. “I work a lot. Too much — much too much. And I love it,” she says. “When I am hard at work, when I am deep in it, there is no other feeling.”

She has a name for this: the hum. “The hum sounds like an open road and I could drive it forever,” she says. “The hum is a drug, the hum is music, the hum is God’s whisper right in my ear.“

But it’s a trap. The more successful she becomes, she says, “the more balls in the air, the more eyes on me, the more history stares, the more expectations there are … the more I work to be successful, the more I need to work.”

Until Rhimes found herself wondering: “Am I anything besides the hum?” Her hum was broken; all she heard was silence.

Enter one of her daughters, who one day asked Rhimes to play as she was walking out the door. She stopped. And said ‘yes.’ “There was nothing special about it. We play. We are joined by her sisters. There is a lot of laughing, and dancing and singing. I give a dramatic reading from Everybody Poops. Nothing out of the ordinary, and yet it is extraordinary.” She felt focused, still — good. “Something in me loosens and a door in my brain swings open,” she says. “A hum creeps back.”

She realized something: “The work hum,” she says, “is just a replacement.” She had to face the hardest of facts about herself: that she, in some ways, liked being at work more than being at home. That she was more comfortable working than playing. But that only in playing did she find that hum again.

“The real hum is joy,” she says. “The real hum is love.”

Since then, Rhimes has made a steadfast rule of saying ‘yes’ to playing with her kids. “It’s the law, so I don’t have any choice,” she says. “I’m not good at playing. … I itch for my cell phone, always. But it is okay. My tiny humans show me how to live. The hum of the universe fills me up.”

Her point is a simple one, yet one we always need reminding of: “Work doesn’t work without play.” Whether it’s playing with kids, seeing friends, reading books or staring out into space, it is actually important for each of us to take time for the simple joys that make life worthwhile.

If you can make some time for this TED talk, please watch it. (It’s about 18 minutes.) You don’t have to be a parent to understand and appreciate her message.

March 7 2017

Whimsical Painting of an Elephant on Books

Artist Mike Stilkey is known for creating whimsical paintings on the covers of books. Last year, he put on a grand exhibition showcasing 10 years of his work, which included large-scale installations, book sculptures and paintings at the Orange County Great Park. This was one of his pieces. It stopped me in my tracks. Check out more of his work on his recently redesigned website.

March 7 2017

Feeling Like You’re Failing

Today, Sam told me something that broke my heart. He said, “Do you think that, sometimes, you can ask me how I’m doing?” Wow, I was taken aback. I have been so consumed by this new career in fashion that I have been completely neglecting the most important person in my life. How could I have let this happen? Tears are, currently, streaming down my face.

It’s so easy to get caught up in what you’re doing, your own life, your career, how you want to make a difference in this world. But when was the last time you asked someone you love or care about how they are doing? I went to my psych appointment today and it dawned on me that Sam has never missed one. He’s always by my side, he makes me a priority in his life. How could I not be doing the same for him?

Sure, I take care of the kids when he has a meeting or I watch the kids in the morning so he can sleep in but I’m failing at taking the time to stop what I’m doing and really focus on him. It’s a wake up call. I feel as though I have been failing as a human being. As a spouse, especially. How could I have let this happen? What will I do about

(P.S.Though this doesn’t directly relate to this post, the new video from Mercedes-Benz called “Start a Family,” made me think..and cry. This one is good, too.)

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