October 13 2017

I Love You California Print Raises $100,000 for CA Wildfires

I love a good art print, especially if the money raised by it is going to a good cause. This one touched my heart. Called “I Love You California,” 100% of of their online sales goes to helping support the relief efforts for those affected by the California wildfires. $100,000 has already been raised. Cool thing is that Dave Pell of Next Draft will match whatever they raise this week. I bought this floral one. NorCal, we here in SoCal are thinking about you! (This red leaf one is pretty, too.)

October 13 2017

Skylar Yoo: 10 Days Out Till Soft Launch!

Anxiety. Panic. Excitement. Worry. These are all of the emotions that have overtaken my body this last month. The launch of my new company, Skylar Yoo, is set for October 23, 2017. That’s 10 days away. There’s still so much to do. Some products have not even arrived yet, there’s still pages to be filled in which includes the “About Me” section. For some reason or another I’m having a tough time putting together a few paragraphs on who I am.

Sure, I have spilled my guts to you 10 readers out there about my mother’s suicide, my manic episodes I go through because I’m bipolar, but how can I succinctly convey my life story and how my tragedies and triumphs have brought me to creating Skylar Yoo? This, my friends, is the struggle.

Then again, I have a shirt that we’ll be selling that says, “The Struggle is Part of the Story.” We all go through struggles, we’re united by them, it’s what connects each and every one of us together. I love Brene Brown and the way she writes or talks about vulnerability.

My sister also got me into reading books and watching videos on Simon Sinek. His Start with Why book had me thinking about why I created Skylar Yoo. It helped me tremendously. For all the negativity that’s out there right now, I love that there’s articles upon articles about the rise of the women’s movement. In fact, my husband and I had a very spirited discussion recently about the word “Feminist.” Simply, it means that men and women should have equal rights. His view is that we should emphasize that girls should support girls or that women should band together to lift each other up. Maybe I’m an idealist but I want every person, man or woman, to believe that we should all have equal rights. That means men and women should support women, or as they say, “We should all be feminists.”

I’ll leave you with this. After days and days of thinking about my “Why?”(thank you, Simon Sinek), I think I’ve figured out Skylar Yoo’s. This will be a company dedicated to inspiring and empowering women. (In 10 days, you’ll have to read the About section to find out more.) I’ve already pondered, what’s next? In my efforts to dream big, I hope that Skylar Yoo can, one day, be a publication, an online and print magazine, that shares inspiring stories about women entrepreneurs. I’ve even toyed with the idea of rebranding this blog, Adventures of Yoo, to become a place to share those inspiring stories. Just a thought for now. I’ll let you know if or when we make that switch.

Out of all the photos we took at the photo shoot, the one featured here is my favorite. Why? Because the woman, with the city backdrop behind her, is looking up at the sky. She is confident and hopeful. She believes that she can be anything she wants to be. Nothing can stop her. She proudly declares to the world, “Yes, I can.”

September 30 2017

Behind the Scenes of the Skylar Yoo Photo Shoot

This past Monday, we shot professional photos for the shirts we’ll be selling at Skylar Yoo. We’re about a month out till launch, people! Isn’t that crazy?

Instead of worrying about morning traffic to LA, Sam, my friend and manager of Skylar Yoo, Kat, and I stayed at the Ace Hotel in downtown. That hotel is extra special to me because it’s where the thought of having an actual clothing line seemed like a possibility. The excitement of the day caused me to wake up at a frickin’ crazy hour, 5am. (Call time was 8am.) I just didn’t know what to expect for my first photo shoot. Did the photographer understand my vision? Would the outfits work? What if the model didn’t show?

I found my photographer, Karen Chen, while browsing through Instagram. I went to her website, dug around and found out that she had worked three years as photographer for one of the top fashion bloggers today, Chriselle Lim. I was sold. (If you’re out there reading this Chriselle, I love ya, girl. Same to you, Aimee Song. Go Korean girls!)

Included in Karen’s fee was her photography assistant and a MUA (make-up artist, don’t worry I had to Google it, too). I found out at the shoot that the make-up artist was Andrew Velazquez who is currently on a Lifetime show called American Beauty Star. Read about it, here, or you can watch snippets of it on Andrew’s Instagram.

Now, I needed a stylist and a model. Karen recommended Michelle Chan as well as Ford model Victoria Peyser. For a model, I was looking for someone with a mixed heritage. Victoria immediately caught my eye. The 19-year-old is a beautiful mix of German, Irish, Korean and Japanese.

I’d love to give you all the details about the shoot but you would probably be overwhelmed. All I have to say is that it was an A-MAZING day. Like one of those days that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Everything just came together perfectly. No drama, no chaos, every single person in the team brought their A game. We spent four long hours in the studio getting all the product shots done and then jumped around three different spots in downtown LA to get the editorial ones. My favorite part was working with Michelle in styling the outfits. It was so much fun pairing the shirts with jackets, jewelry and shoes. I know it’s such a girly thing but it felt like a cool, creative part of the project. Victoria made the clothes come alive!

Karen is a super talented, super hard working photographer. The girl had a contact sheet with all the photos sent to me that same night (it was right around 11:30pm). Talk about fast turnaround time. I would work with her again in a heartbeat.

Sam and I catch ourselves reminiscing about the day. How the weather was perfect, how hard everyone worked, how stunning Victoria looked in the shirts. I can’t wait to show you the final, edited shots.

At the end of the shoot, Sam, Kat and I went to this really cool vegan restaurant in the Arts District called Cafe Gratitude. We sat around reflecting on the day. All those long hours, working with the designers on the shirts, figuring out our brand and our message culminated in that moment. Though we haven’t launched yet it felt like we had reached a major milestone.

Thank you to everyone for helping us get this far. Skylar Yoo will be making her debut soon!

September 1 2017

The Best Total Solar Eclipse Photo You’ve Ever Seen

One of my photographer friends, Navid Baraty, recently released this photo of last week’s solar eclipse. First, I want to note that I just love the word totality. (It’s beautiful!) Now, on to the shot.

What he basically did was combine 12 exposures to capture the sun’s corona during the total eclipse. “I did my best to capture how the moment actually looked in the sky.”

Redditors loved his shot, shooting it up to their #1 post a few days ago. Some comments he received included:

“Wow this is incredible! I had the chance to see the corona in person and this is spot on, great shooting!”
“Yeah this is the first photo I’ve seen that actually aproaches what I saw that day. Kudos.”
“Great job, this is the closest I’ve seen a photo come to how it looked like in real life. It’s really phenomenal how amazing and gorgeous the Corona looks, it blew my mind.”

Navid shot this photo in Madras, Oregon. Spectacular!

August 28 2017

6 Interesting Things To Check out Today

I found it so cool that Lorde danced her way through the VMA’s because she had the flu and, thus, couldn’t sing. What a brave woman!

Entrepreneurs say this is the No. 1 factor in their success. Can you guess what it is?

This is for all you cheese lovers out there.

What a cute and quirky lamp. (Note: I have a thing for owls.)

Does anyone else see “cat ears“?

So much hate on the newsstands. Kinda makes you depressed.

August 9 2017

We’re Designing Our Dreamy All White Kitchen

Due to a leak in our kitchen, we are getting the opportunity to completely remodel our kitchen. One day we came home from work and found the whole island removed! I’ve always wanted a very modern but glamorous kitchen – all white with gold handles. Instead of going with Houzz, I decided to try out Laurel & Wolf.

We went with the highest plan, the Signature, which is $249 per room. After providing our “inspiration pics,” I shared Christina Applegate’s kitchen, you get three different room concepts from three different designers. For an extra $100, you get to work with one of the more experienced designers, which we read was well worth it.

We got our three designs back and this one (picture above) is the one that I instantly loved. It’s a ten day process, the designer creates a design board for you and you get to comment on each picture, telling him or her what you love or hate. Then, they fine tune their board.

Now let’s see if we can make this happen!

August 8 2017


One of my all-time favorite artists (and presumably yours) is having a blockbuster event at The Broad in Los Angeles! Yayoi Kusama already has one Infinity Room there but now there will be six of them! Yes, six!

The Broad is the only California stop on its six venue North American tour.

The exhibition will be on view from October 21-January 1, and advance tickets for the full run of the show will go on sale September 1. A limited number of same-day standby tickets will be available each day during the run of the exhibition. Mark your calendars, people!

Per The Broad:
“Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors will provide visitors with the unique opportunity to experience six of Kusama’s infinity rooms—the artist’s most iconic kaleidoscopic environments—alongside large-scale installations and key paintings, sculptures and works on paper from the early 1950s to the present, which contextualize the foundational role the concept of infinity has played in the artist’s work over many decades and through diverse media. The exhibition also marks the North American debut of numerous new works by the 88-year-old artist, who is still actively creating in her Tokyo studio. These include large-scale, vibrantly colored paintings and the recently realized infinity room, All the Eternal Love I Have for the Pumpkins, 2016, featuring dozens of her signature bright yellow, dotted pumpkins.”

Advance tickets $25 for adults, children 12 and under free. This will be a a must see!!!

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