May 11 2017

Super Organized Purses Hold in Place Everything a Woman Needs

The company, This is Ground, just launched a new collection of super organized purses. Called The Self Made collection, the bags come with tons of pockets and places to keep the contents of your purse secure. The bags open completely flat so you don’t have to dig around for a pen or your wallet. The fact that they unzip is genius!

I particularly love The Bank Bag. Though it’s pricey at $695, it can fit an iPad Mini or Kindle, a notebook, cords, cards, your phone, and lip glosses. Imagine taking one of these out to a meeting. I’d be impressed with anyone who sported one!

The bags are limited edition and are made in Italian leather. They come in four different colors: black, rose, baby blue, and a yellow. (Love rose!)

“The ethos of This Is Ground is to make it easier to create anywhere and for women, that means being able to see and access everything in their bag at a moment’s notice,” said women’s creative director Heather Lipner. “So far, the evolution of handbags has just been more and more pockets, but with this design, you can be prepared for anything.”

via [Conde Nast Traveler]


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