August 30 2016

The Secret to a Color-Coded Bookcase

For years now, I’ve been in love with color-coded bookcases. That’s why I was happy to see this one, created with the help of designer Hannah Crowell of Nashville’s Crowell + Co. Interiors. Their secret? Because the couple who owned the home had such a large space, 20-foot arched ceilings and a massive bookcase with 120 shelves, they filled it by buying books by the foot from New York City’s legendary bookstore Strand and color coordinating them in ombré patterns.

Like most of us would do, the designer started out by buying really nice art books to fill the space but quickly realized it would take thousands of dollars to fill it. Ordering 500 feet of books — 50 feet of white books here, 30 feet of orange books there — seemed more economical, but there was one caveat. “You’re not getting the best books; who knows what you’re going to get?” she says. “It becomes completely about filling the bookshelf. You don’t want to look too closely, or you’ll find weird mystery books, Oprah’s biography and stuff you might buy at an airport in the 1980s.” Seems like a neat way to get some eclectic books on your bookshelf. Like a mini surprise.

It took about 14 hours to get the ombré look that goes through the whole rainbow. That’s a whole lot of time but, in the end, wasn’t it worth it?




via [Houzz]


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