April 4 2017

Visitors Bravely Stand Under 300 Sharp Pitchforks Suspended From the Ceiling

In the name of art, are you adventurous enough to explore an abandoned warehouse? Come see the exhibition, the 14th Factory in Los Angeles and get ready for a jarring experience. Hong Kong-based British artist Simon Birch turned a dilapidated industrial complex into a haven of art. With the help of twenty artists from China, Hong Kong, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada, Birch has transformed an industrial area into a trippy environment. In one of the rooms, hundreds of pitchforks are suspended from the ceiling, ready to crash onto visitors’ heads. Called The Crusher (The Talisman), it’s a site-specific installation, meaning it was made just for that spot. As KCRW states, “It feels as if angry Gods are ready to punish us for whatever sins we might have committed. It definitely takes courage to stand under these pitchforks.”

Got to love all of the different reactions. Talk about a fun photo environment.

Read more about this exhibition at KCRW or read some of the reviews over on Yelp. Based on all I’ve read, this sounds like one show you don’t want to miss. (It’s only on till the end of April.)

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First photo credit: Ashley V.


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