March 21 2017

What Makes You Happy?

In the Mindfulness Manual, under the article Find Your Purpose, it describes four simple techniques that we can do to make room for happiness. Under the first technique, which is called Meet Your Actual Needs, it asks you to try this quick exercise. On a blank piece of paper write, “What makes me happy?” This sounds a lot like the gratefulness post I put up awhile back but instead of just people, she adds activities, emotions, and places. Don’t overthink it.

Here are some of mine:
Traveling to new places and breathing in the fresh air
Eating delicious, mouth-watering food
Thinking about my deceased grandma (RIP halmuni)
Taking the top down of my car and driving around with the wind whipping through my hair
Seeing art that takes my breath away
Being completely submerged under water
Sharing a good hearty laugh
Tickling my kids
Kissing my kids on their lips
Sharing a mountain of candy bars with Sam
Noticing a patch of colorful flowers on a hike
Downing a double espresso and feeling the surge of energy right after
Seeing a new artist’s interpretation of The Starry Night
Catching up with my siblings
Having a fun texting conversation with a friend

What makes you happy?

The four simple techniques to make room for happiness are:
1. Meet your actual needs
2. Say no, often
3. Identify whom you take for granted–then stop
4. Soothe your inner jerk

Photo of Parker and Logan.


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