January 25 2017

9 Sales and Splurges at J.Crew

After having two kids, I have resigned to the fact that I will no longer be a size six again. (Well, not in the near future. Let’s have some hope) For about three years after I had my second son, Logan, I dressed in the standard: black leggings and long shift dress with no shape. I guess you could say I was embarrassed of my body, the bulge in my belly, the extra padding in my bum. Then, one day while I was having a conversation with my therapist, and I realized that how you feel about yourself all comes from within and that you can be stylish and confident at any size. So now I buy a size 10 or a large and I’m loud and I’m proud!

Last winter, I was all about Boden. They were having a 40-50% off sale that caught my attention so I bought eight dresses that cost me from $30 to $130 dollars each. I couldn’t be happier with the quality and fit. For those of you out there who shop at J.Crew, make sure to check out Boden, too.

Alas, this post is about a new beginning. I signed up to receive a bag at thredUP so that I can sell my old clothes there that I’ve either never worn or that no longer fit. Out goes the old, in goes the new, right?

So, I checked out J.Crew today and was pleased to see that they’re having a great sale with an extra 40% off all final sale items. Of course, while I was poking around I came across some full cost items that were calling my name so I splurged on those, too. Now, by no means am I a shopaholic or a fashionista, but I do appreciate anything pretty (usually pink), bright pops of color and timeless pieces. Lately, I’ve been all about colorblocking so I’ve been picking out vibrant shoes and accessories. Here are the nine items that were either on sale or I splurged on at J.Crew.

Collection Olivia topcoat with grosgrain ribbon
I bought this coat in the candy pink color. I need a warm jacket for the winter and just looking at this makes me happy. It was hard deciding between the gray and pink one. I love that the gray one has that cool bright blue color on the backside of the collar.

Linen peplum dress
I love how this has a simple silhouette but has that feminine ruffled flair at the hip. I got it in white so that I could dress it up with bright, poppy heels.

Signet bag in Italian leather
Right now I carry a big tote bag with me to work. Granted, I need it to carry my big planner and camera but on the weekends or days off it would be nice to carry something smaller. This bag looks like it would be the perfect size and shape. Great color combo here. Eyeing the pink and the colorblock one, too. Too bad the red one is sold out.

Colette suede d’Orsay pumps
This is a classic pump but the bright blue/purple color gives it a nice modern twist.

Ryan sunglasses
I’ve been looking to buy a good pair of sunglasses that are not too expensive. I don’t like sunglasses with huge logos displayed on the sides. I’m a sucker for anything pink and pretty so these cat eye glasses grabbed my attention.

Tippi turtleneck sweater in stripe
I like how this isn’t your average colored turtleneck. The red and purple combination gives it some edge.

Lea ballet flats in suede
As much as I think heels look nice on a woman, I cannot for the life of my wear them. I’m more of a flats type of girl. With so many choices out there now, I think it’s easy to still look cute in them. I like how this pair is in soft suede and how it’s in two shades of pink. (Yes, I love things that are pretty.)

Elsie cap-toe pumps
Ok, here’s an exception to my heels rule. (See above.) This pair of shoes was the most expensive item on my list. You know when you see a pair of shoes and you just have to have them? I love the color combination, how the pink and red compliment each other. It’s fresh and modern.

The Tippi Sweater in embroidered stars
I saw this in the J.Crew catalog and loved the fact that it had embroidered gold stars. It was so popular on the J.Crew website that it sold out so I found it on Ebay instead.

Are you eyeing anything at J.Crew?


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