March 16 2017

Mindfulness and Fearlessness

First, I wanted to say that I’m sorry I’ve been gone the past few days. It was Parker’s birthday on Tuesday and we celebrated for a few days. Also, I’ll be off tomorrow to change my hair color yet again! This time it’s going to be called what I call “horizon”, pink on top and light blue halfway down the middle. Hope it all works out!

There are a few things I wanted to share. One is this book I bought called The Mindfulness Manual and the other is Time Magazine’s Mindfulness issue. Both are really good reads on how to slow down and really appreciate life.

Here’s a quote I liked from the first book, under the article The Path of Joy:

Do I trust my own inner guidance? At the heart of every soulful life is the ability to ask your own questions and get your own answers, free from others’ judgement. It’s about tuning in to your innate wisdom and trusting what comes forth. The only way to do that is to cultivate a deeper relationship with yourself-free from the filters of fear and doubt and free from other people’s ideas and expectations. These filters build up over time and can cloud your ability to make decisions that are in alignment with your highest good.

Do I follow my heart or listen to my head? The heart never lies; the head does. We can overthink, doubt and rationalize almost anything, because the mind likes stability and a step-by-stop process. But the heart is nonlinear and sensing. So while our minds may make us believe it’s best to not take risks and avoid repeating the pain of the past, our hearts know the way to happiness.

Do I believe I can create the life I want? Your thoughts, actions and emotions all determine what your life looks like. When you don’t believe you are powerful, you allow others to hold the key to your life and happiness. And when you allow others to hold the power, you limit the options available to you. Know that by listening to your heart and your inner guidance, you truly can create-and live-the life you want. All is possible.

Written by Eden Clark and John Germain Leto

If you haven’t checked out the Instagram account of poet Mark Anthony, please do so. He’s a hopeless romantic. I bought his book.


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