July 1 2016

Fun Links of the Week

What are you up to this long weekend? Sam and I want to take the kids out of town and into nature. (Have you read this article on how nature can make you kinder, happier and more creative?) We still haven’t officially decided on where but we’ll probably end up in either Julian, Idyllwild, or Big Bear. (For my photo a day project, since I won’t be near a computer on the weekends, you can keep up with me on Instagram.)

Now, let’s get down to business. Here are some fun links of the week.

Party-friendly recipes for July 4th.

I loved seeing Emily McDowell’s cards at Target. She’s got a new line with Papyrus. Here’s a new card from her that I like.

How cool would it be to decorate your house with these die-cut aluminum prints?

Here are the two most impfactful words to say to kids.

Wish I could travel to London and take pictures like this.

This red, white and blue sangria would be perfect for July 4th.

Would love seeing these rainbow floors in person.

Looking forward to Wreck-It Ralph 2 because of the storyline. Hint: It has to do with the Web.

Are you ready to try Starbucks’ latest, mega-popular secret menu item?

I love wearing delicate gold necklaces. They’re so classic and pretty.

The powerful woman behind Whole Foods.

A photographer visited iconic landmarks and pointed his camera in the opposite direction. Boom! An interesting series is born.

Love Dwell? Check out their new website. More about it, here.

I want to go glamping in this yurt.

In business news: Apple might buy Tidal?

Love this print, Suspender by Eelus.

Fireworks photo by Yasuoshi Chiba.


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