December 14 2016

DIY Ornament Wreath Made Out of a Pool Noodle

I’m usually too shy to put up pictures of myself but after I made this DIY wreath, I had to, personally, hold it up in pride. Just looking at it, you’d never know how easy this is to make! All you need is a pool noodle, duct tape, ornaments (large and small), ribbon (or string) and a hot glue gun (with lots of sticks of glue).

I didn’t take any in process shots, I thought I’d just direct you to a few different websites that give you step by step instructions. One is by Sweet Pickins and the other is by Grosgrain.

Some tips:
1. Once you’ve made your pool noodle circle, make sure it looks like a circle and not an oval.
2. Attach your string to the pool noodle after it’s a circle but before you put on the ornaments. (Or you can tie a ribbon on in the end.)
3. Glue the ornaments first on the outside of the circle, then on the inside, and finally in the middle. The key is to layer the ornaments so that they cover up the noodle.
4. This one’s important! Use only shatterproof ornaments. I had two glass ones shatter on me and it was not fun cleaning those up! Once you’re done, they also might fall from your wreath.

That’s it! I kept mine silver and red because that’s the color scheme of my Christmas mantel display.


My sister jokes that it looks like something you’d see at Nordstrom. I take that as a compliment!


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