December 5 2016

Holiday Gift Guide – For Your Sisters or Girlfriends

I’ve said it once but I’ll say it again. I love my sisters! Aside from Sam, my husband, Grace and Carol are my best friends. We see each other almost every weekend and we never have enough time to just sit and chat. I so appreciate having them in my life. Today, I thought I’d put together a gift guide for sisters or girlfriends. These some items I’ve already bought, some I’ve already given away and some that I hope to give away in the near future.

Above: Cloud No. 1
Max Wanger is more known for his beach prints but his new collections of clouds in equally as beautiful. Love the modern simplicity.
Max Wanger Print Shop $35


Daily Weekly Monthly Planner in Gradient
I just bought this for myself. It’s a good size planner that has sections for the month, day and week. You don’t have to wait to start using it, you can start at any time by just writing it in yourself. (Love the outside colors of this planner. Makes my day just a little bit brighter.)
Poketo $34


Floral Initial, Watercolor Jewelry Dish
If you’re like me, you have all of your jewelry scattered about or lost in some drawer. I’m a big fan of watercolor so I immediately fell in love with this jewelry dish. It’s pretty, simple and modern.
The Painted Press $16


Capture Your Style: Transform Your Instagram Images, Showcase Your Life, and Build the Ultimate Platform
If you’re into Instagram, and especially if you love fashion, you’ll appreciate this new book by Amiee Song. With 4.1 million followers, she’s one of those must-follows on Instagram. Not sure how she makes everything look so effortless but each photo is just breathtaking. The book gives you some inside scoops on how to capture picture perfect Instagram photos. (Hint: She uses the FaceTune app.)
Amazon $12.16


Fox Ring, Adjustable
I’m a sucker for animal jewelry and this one made me stop and stare for a while. I love how in the front it’s the fox’s head and at the end it’s his tail. Love clever stuff like this.
Girls Luv It $28


Walt of the Winds!
Made of light blue and white resin with a base consisting of sapele wood, this ring is enchanting. It’s like having a mini story on your finger. All the rings are handmade and each is unique and different from one another.
Secret Wood $145

Amazon Echo
My sister, Carol, has this at her house and it is amazing. She just has to say, “Alexa play Adele” and the device starts playing Adele’s songs. This has way better voice recognition than Siri. Thinking about buying this for our house. (Though also considering Google Home.)
Amazon $179.99


Northern Lights Line Bracelet
Love the change of colors in this bracelet. I think it’s versatile enough to wear every day.
Banana Republic $28


GO ASK Your DAD – If You Can Read This Socks
I recently bought these socks for my sisters but this one I found today is even funnier. For all you moms out there, I know you can relate!
If the Sock Fitz $13.17


Cocktail Party Earring Set
This dainty set of seven earrings is the perfect gift for anyone appreciates pretty and classic design. My sister, Grace, recently bought me this and I’m wearing one of the pairs as I’m typing this. Love the gold leaves one the most.
Anthropologie $58


Laura Mercier Master Class Colour Essentials Collection 2nd Edition
Any woman who loves wearing make-up will appreciate this new collection by Laura Mercier. It comes with 12 eye colors, three cheek colors, two tightline cake eyeliners, a long-wearing cream eye pencil, and two travel eye brushes. It’s like all your neccessities in one, neatly packaged place.
Sephora $125


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