December 28 2015

Looking Back on Christmas Week

How was your Christmas? It’s been a fun filled week over here in the Yoo house. We went on our second trip to Lake Arrowhead this year where we rented a modern cabin from Airbnb, then we celebrated Christmas day at my older sister Grace’s house, and finally had a bake sale at my sister Carol’s house. It was non-stop action and I can’t wait to share all the pics!

Logan hanging over Sam’s shoulder, his favorite place. It was around 40 degrees up in Lake Arrowhead so we bundled the little ones up in ski jackets.

We walked around the lake and fed the ducks. That was a highlight of the trip for Parker.

We took a guided tour of Lake Arrowhead by boat. It’s called Arrowhead Queen Tour Boat. You learn a lot about the lakes’ history. During our 50 minutes, I found out that 90% of the cabins in Lake Arrowhead are vacation homes and that there a lot of celebrities who own or owned property right on the lake, like rocker Sammy Hagar, actor Patrick Swayze, Beach Boy’s Brian Wilson, and ice skater Michelle Kwan. Overall, it was well worth the money.

Parker and grandma enjoying the views from the cruise. For a few minutes, Parker got to steer the ship but I was so nervous for him I didn’t get a photo of that.

This is a picture of the inside of our Lake Arrowhead home, called the Modern Architectural Mountain Home or the Ferber house. It was designed in 1967 by Palm Springs architect Michael Black and was featured in Time magazine. (You won’t find a wooden sculpture of a bear or duck here.) The three story home has over 100 windows which made it kind of chilly at night (but they had a Nest so we cranked up the heat).

The house wasn’t an ideal place for kids but it had interesting furniture like mid-century modern chairs. Logan climbed all over those.

Parker explored the house with a flashlight in hand. As you can see in the background, the second floor had all wood floors which made it feel very Dwell-like.

On the second floor, they had a cozy side room with a fireplace. Here’s Parker and his grandpa starting up a fire.

Though it took a little getting used to, we warmed up to the place and enjoyed all the interesting design touches. Parker is chatting it up with his grandparents here.

Since this is a three story house there were a lot of stairs and some slits where the kids could fall through. We had to be extra careful. Would I rent this place again? Yes, if we didn’t bring the kids. This place is ideal for couples without kids who appreciate modern and mid-century modern design.

On to Christmas morning! Parker and Logan opened their gifts from Santa, his grandparents and me and Sammy. Parker got Hungry Hungry Hippo, a classic right?


Parker also got this fishing game, which he first spotted inside of a cabin during our first Lake Arrowhead trip. Remember this one, too? He asked our Elf on the Shelf to tell Santa he really wanted this game.

Sam bought Parker and Logan these remote control tanks. Only bad thing is that you have to charge the batteries 4 to 5 hours for every 15 minutes of play. Overall, Parker loved it though.

Later that day, we went to my sister’s house for our official family Christmas party. We had to all wear ugly Christmas sweaters. Couldn’t find anything in Logan’s size so he just sported this bright Christmas pj ensemble.

The kids hanging by the presents just moments before they started tearing them open.

All the mayhem that comes with opening Christmas presents. Controlled chaos is what I like to call it.

We played this awesome game that my sister Carol brought called Pie Face. Basically, you put whip cream on the “hand” and then center your face in front of it. You spin a wheel with numbers on it and then click the pie splatting contraption’s handles that many times. The hand can splatter whip cream on your face during any click. All of us got creamed. So fun!

flying logan
My brother Eugene, his wife Annie, and all the kids..including a flying Logan.

Now for the ugly Christmas sweaters. Here was Sammy’s, Parker’s and mine. Eugene, my brother, and his wife wore these robot ones. Grace’s husband Keith got the Hotline Bling sweater that I love while my brother-in-law Burt took home first prize with the crocodile sweater. (Yes, we’re all tried and true Amazon shoppers.)

The day after Christmas, we went to my other sister’s and had a bake sale right around the corner from her house. By selling homemade desserts for 50 cents each, we had a goal of making $10. After an hour and a half, we surpassed that!



The goods. Snowmen cake pops (they have earmuffs on), gingerbread men and reindeer cookies, and frosted cupcakes.


Yes, it was a long week. During the bake sale, Parker went into meltdown mode.

Luckily, because we achieved our bake sale goal, we got to eat up all the extra inventory. Cupcakes never tasted so good!

Hope you had a fun week, too.


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