November 9 2016

Dan Rather’s Hope-Filled Post

Rather than wallow in yesterday night’s news, I’ve been trying to read posts or articles that are filled with hope. I came across Dan Rather’s Facebook post today and it left me feeling inspired. Here’s a portion of it:

“For some, there is happiness and a sense of redemption in the headlines of the day. But for others there are ominous and even terrifying headlines, written by men and women far wiser than myself. This is a moment when there is evidence to support your darkest fears. As the aftershocks of incredulity shift into bewilderment and panic, it is easy to feel a certain paralysis begin to grip your mind and soul.

“One thing I have learned, however, is never to bet against the resilience of men and women in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges. I have seen it on battlefields, in natural disasters, and in the toil of disease, poverty, and persecution. We can summon resilience here. If you seek the beginnings of an antidote to the venom that has seemingly been unleashed, I suggest we think of actions. Doing something always made me feel better. Please hug your loved ones and offer support. And then we can start by simple acts – like reaching out to help someone who needs help, in your family, your community, or the larger world. This is how it begins.

“And then there is our political system. No matter your policy beliefs, the system itself needs fixing. It needs different modes of engagement. And that takes work – on city councils, school boards, local, regional, and state governments. These are places we can look to act as well. Regardless of the results last night, I still believe that there is far more that binds us a nation than separates us, once we get beyond the slogans and politicking. My team and I are thinking hard about how to use the tools of technology to create a greater social cohesion in our nation and our world. I hope to have some early efforts to share with you soon.

“In the meantime, gently and respectfully, I suggest that you allow yourself to feel whatever you need to feel today and in the days ahead. But as I wrote last night, if you ‘opt out’ then the forces you see arrayed against you will have won. I too feel all the dread and uncertainty, but I swallow hard, breathe deeply and pledge to my family and friends that I will go forward with all of the optimism and courage I can muster. I hope they, and you, will join me because I could use the help.”

If you still can’t shake that feeling of depression, sink a little deeper by checking out these pictures of sad Hillary supporters.


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