March 18 2016

The Pep Talk That I Needed

Ok, so it’s been exactly month since I first declared to the world (that’s the five people reading this blog) that I want to become a photographer. I thought, “I’ve finally found my true calling!” Well, then yesterday, I was walking around Target with Sam and I was explaining to him that I just don’t know how I’m ever going to get to the level of those I follow. Could I ever get so good that people would actually pay me to take pictures of them? Will my photos ever be considered fine art? Will someone ever hang a picture I took on their wall? Discouraged, I asked Sam if he would give me a pep talk. (He’s good at those.)

He reminded me of how far I had come with My Modern Met. Seven years of my life was poured into that site and I saw it rise from zero visitors to millions. Online, I helped lead the art movement. I co-authored a book. I spoke at Alt Summit and Dwell on Design. Heck, I did all of this while having two kids! I should be proud of my accomplishments, plus I’m only a month into this gig. Some people take years if not decades to get proficient. Could I be patient enough to last?

I was lucky enough to look at and curate art, design and photography for the last seven years. That counts for something, right? I know I have an eye for photography but I feel lost when it comes to finding my own, unique style. That will come in time, he says. I just have to be patient, plug away at this, work my a** off, and one day I’ll be there. I feel like this girl, closing her eyes, wishing to see a whole new, bright and colorful world.

Today, I read this quote from, The Paper Deer Photography that I liked: “This business is tough and there are times when it feels like nothing is going your way but if you put your head down and hustle, it will come.”

Now to turn impatience into hope…

Image via DesignLoveFest


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