September 14 2016

The Clothing Brands That are Redefining Luxury

Have you guys heard of Cuyana? The women’s clothing brand recently popped up on my radar while I was reading a Fast Company article. It was started by two women who believed that they could find customers “who would understand that having a full closet with too many different options is not necessarily better than one with fewer, more expensive items that they really love.” Basically, the idea is that less is more.


Who needs piles of cheap clothing when you can buy higher quality products that you love? The company has helped to pioneer a new trend in shopping, which they describe as the “lean closet” movement. They even came up with a motto, “Fewer, Better Things.”


Yesterday, I came across this Fast Company article: The Decline Of Premium American Fashion Brands. What Happened, Ralph And Tommy? It’s a very interesting read about how a lot of luxury brands have lust their luster, basically cannibalizing their own sales by offering cheaper, lower quality versions of their own clothing.

As a result, a new crop of brands have popped up like Everlane, DSTLD, and Cuyana.

I appreciate that these shops’ items aren’t extravagantly priced yet are high quality. Would you or have you shopped at these stores?

Right now, on Cuyana’s website, for $10, you can get a nifty guide to San Francisco. As Harper’s Bazaar states, “San Francisco-based clothing line Cuyana joined creative forces with indie travel magazine Cereal (the minimalist’s bible to places and spaces) to produce a beautiful, brand-new travel guide to the City by the Bay.”

Cuyana’s website states, “These places take a fewer, better approach to design. They all exude an aesthetic that has poetry in their meticulously created spaces, like the clean lines of coffee shop Saint Frank, or the soft colors that fill Song Tea and Ceramics. They are beautiful in their simplicity, and you will find that every element has its own story to tell.” Looking forward to taking a long weekend trip to San Francisco with Sam using this little guy.


Lastly, on a side note, the minimalist in me is loving all of Cuyana’s dresses.

All images by Cuyana.


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