September 8 2016

Beautifully Elegant Lifestyle Photography of Alice Gao

It’s been seven months since I proclaimed to the world that I want to become a photographer and since then I’ve scoured the internet, looking for various sources of inspiration. One of the photographers that I found, whose style I love is Alice Gao. I’m used to taking pictures of my family, I find it incredibly difficult to take photos of still life objects, or people interacting with objects. Gao makes it look effortless.

A few years ago, Design Sponge ran a post on a day in the life of Alice Gao. More recently, A Cup of Jo showed the inside of Gao’s Manhattan apartment (that blue velvet couch!). Then, just yesterday, Refinery profiled Gao in an article titled The Habits Of Highly Creative Instagrammers.

It stated, “If you’re not one of her 990,000 Instagram followers, maybe you’ve come across Alice Gao’s signature photo style in publications like The New York Times’ T Magazine or Kinfolk. With a sharp focus on dynamic travel shots, well-lit food snaps, and unique still-life photos, we can see how she’s accrued so many fans.”

I liked this Q&A:
One of your favorite photo subjects is travel. What are some tips for making those types of shots less touristy and more intentional?
“It’s a lot of patience: waiting for the right moment, the right light, or the right subject to walk through the frame to help tell a better story.”

Here are some of my favorite shots from Gao’s portfolio. Make sure to follow her on Instagram for more swoon-worthy shots. She makes life look like art. (As if her talent for photography wasn’t enough, her personal style is amazing, too.)













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