August 15 2016

Stunning Lifelike Paintings of Michael Phelps

While most of us just sit back and admire the historic accomplishments of swimmer Michael Phelps, one artist takes his admiration to another level. Your eyes will almost be fooled. These magnificent images of Michael Phelps are actually paintings and not photographs! So far, fine artist Walt Peterson has created two pieces. The first painting he created, an overview shot of Phelps, was a private commission. He spent over 100 hours on the 30″ x 40″ image that show the swimmer’s huge wingspan as he swims his signature stroke, the butterfly.


The second piece is titled the “Swimming Machine”. Again, it shows Phelps swimming the butterfly, but it was created from a different point of view, head on. It measures 40″ x 18″ and was painted in oils. This piece is available and priced at $12,000.

All of Peterson’s pieces are painted from digital references that he views from a monitor.

What do the paintings mean to him? “I grew up swimming competitively,” he told me. “I was a breaststroker and my claim to fame was that I was 5th in the United States when I was 10 years old.

“I’ve always admired Michaels natural abilities, his physique, with his super long torso, is so ideal for swimming, and his dedication. In my humble opinion, he will go down as the best athlete of our time period!”

A third piece is in the works. It will show Michael Phelps doing the breakstroke. To make it even more realistic and current, Peterson will include the “cupping” marks on Phelps’ body.

Walt Peterson’s website


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