August 3 2016

Thousands of Silver Streamers Dance in Downtown LA

A beautiful new installation recently went up in Downtown Los Angeles that resembles a huge silver cloud. Created by Patrick Shearn of Poetic Kinetics, it’s called Liquid Shard and it’s made up of thousands of strands of holographic mylar. When the wind blows, it undulates, though some have said that it acts more like a wave. Liquid Shard is huge, it’s 1500 square feet long and rises 120′ into the sky. It can be found at Pershing Square through August 11th. Make sure to watch the videos and check out the photos below to see this mesmerizing installation in action. Better yet, if you’re near that area, go see it for yourself. (Talk about an Instagram worthy shot.)

If the name Poetic Kinetics sounds familiar, they’re the same team that brought out those giant art installations to Coachella. Who could forget that enormous astronaut?

Pershing Square #dtla

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First photo credit: TimeOut


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