July 20 2016

New Aerial Photos of the Crystal Clear Blue Waters of Bora Bora

It was only a week ago that I found out about Gray Malin. He’s a photographer that take spectacular aerial photos of beaches around the world. He recently announced a brand new series, aerials shot of people swimming in the crystal clear blue waters of Bora Bora. While in some photos, you see a number of swimmers all snorkeling around reefs in still others you see a lone person surrounding with nothing but unbelievably clear water. (I love all that negative space.) These photos would look stunning hanging on any wall.

Gray Malin’s quickly risen to be one of top three, current photographers that I follow. (Of course, Max Wanger is first and Rodney Smith is second.)

On a personal note, back years ago, I went to Bora Bora on my honeymoon. The water there is really that clear blue.






Gray Malin’s website and Instagram


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