July 13 2016

Beautiful Aerial Photos of Beaches Around the World by Gray Malin

Yesterday, my older sister Grace told me to check out the work of photographer Gray Malin. She said he had a “Max Wanger”-type of vibe, clean and crisp images of beaches and ocean waves. I instantly fell in love with his photographs.

A quick search led me to this article at the LA Times. Though it mostly has to do with his home, I came to find out that Malin also sells his fine art photography. (This is a dream of mine.)

“Malin has found the sweet spot between fine art and decorative photography. Today, his direct-to-consumer approach has blossomed into something bigger than a cottage industry, with 10 employees, commissions from designers, hotels and retailers, and a host of fashion and home decor items — including wallpaper, bathing suits and Sperry Top-Sider shoes — all bearing Malin’s colorful images.”

If you’re a fan too, you can buy a print on his website or follow him on Instagram. In his beach photographs, I love how people appear as tiny, colorful dots.








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