July 7 2016

Pilot Takes Spectacular Thunderstorm Photo Over the Pacific Ocean

What exactly are you looking at? It’s one of the most incredible thunderstorm photos you’ll ever see. Pilot and photographer Santiago Borja was circling around the thunderstorm at 37,000 feet altitude en route to South America when he captured this spectacular sight. The clouds are lit up because the photo was shot at the moment of a lightning flash.

“Storms are tricky because the lightning is so fast, there is no tripod and there is a lot of reflection from inside lights,” Borja told The Washington Post in an email.

“I like this photo so much because you can feel the amazing size of the storm and its power,” Borja said. “But at the same time it’s wonderful how peacefully you can fly around it in still air without touching it.”

Borja is a pilot for LATAM Ecuador Airlines. The photo was taken south of Panama on a Boeing 767-300 with his Nikon D750 camera.

The pilot states that he primarily likes nature, landscape and cityscape photography. He carries his camera with him everywhere he goes, and, since his job requires him to be up in the air, he often shoots storm photos. Lucky for us and him, he’s combined two of his biggest passions, flying and photography, into creating one unforgettable image.

via [Colossal]


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