July 7 2016

Beautiful Frida Kahlo Street Art in Buenos Aires

Since artist Frida Kahlo’s birthday was yesterday, July 6, I thought we could celebrate by looking at this magnificent piece of street art by artists Julián Campos Segovia, Jean Paul Jesses and Juan Carlos Campos. It took the threesome three weeks to paint the mural using paintbrushes and latex paint. The iconic Mexican painter holds a cigarette in her hand and is adorned with flowers in her hair. The head of Frida is made from a wooden panel which was attached to a wall.

The breathtaking artwork measures 9 meters high and 7 meters wide. It was completed in Palermo, Buenos Aires.

Photo credit: @photogalerybsas

Photo credit: BA Street Art

Photo credit: florenbe

Photo credit: BA Street Art

Photo credit: BA Street Art

Campos Jesses’ website
via [Buenos Aires Street Art]


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