July 1 2016

Photo a Day Project: Day 3 of 365, High Tide at San Clemente Beach

Yesterday, we took the kids and our nanny, Cindy, to San Clemente Beach. It’s our go-to beach for the weekdays. It’s not too far from our house, there’s plenty of parking and it’s never that busy. The waves were huge yesterday! We experienced high tide, the water almost washed up the whole beach. Here are my pictures.


I love minimalist photos of palm trees. They’re so “California.”


When I ask Parker if I can take a picture of him, he always gives me these funny poses.


Parker loved getting wet but Logan wanted to hang out on Sam’s shoulder.


I love how Parker can “get lost” amongst his surroundings.


In this photo, you can see how much the water came up the beach. In the distance, the turquoise blue structure is the lifeguard tower, which is butting up against the rocks.


Here’s Sam throwing a rock up into the air and into the water.


I don’t have many pictures of Cindy with the boys. I’m glad I was able to snap this one. (She looks so genuinely happy.)


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