June 30 2016

20 Awesome Enamel Pins I’d Totally Rock

Time to ditch the brooches. Lately, it’s all about pins! Over the past few years, I’ve seen the rise of enamel pins. Recently, I’ve been thinking about buying a bunch of them and decorating them on my jean jacket. The new batches are as funny as ever. Enamel pins are a different way to show your personality plus they have this retro/cool quality to them. Wear them on your denim jacket or sport them on your backpack. Here are twenty of them that caught my eye. A lot of these are tiny, measuring just 1″, so wear them alone, as a mini statement, or show them all off in a cluster.

Above: The Future is Naps
“Tell the world how you really feel. What’s better than naps? Wear this pin by itself as your own personal expression, or choose one of our cute animal avatar pins to pair it with.”
By Emily McDowell


Enamel Ramen Pin
“Show your allegiance to this wonderful bowl of goodness.”
By Greenwich Letterpress


Enamel Pin Candy
By Greenwich Letterpress


Don’t Stress Meowt Enamel Lapel Pin
“This is a listing for a super cute enamel cat pin which reads ‘Don’t Stress Meowt’ Perfect for popping on your jacket, backpack, whatever! This super smooth black pin is made from a high quality enamel, with a lovely gold outline and detailing.”
By stephsayshello

Mama Bear Enamel Pin
“Such an adorable little pin that’d be the perfect gift for a hard working Mama or a well deserved treat to yourself.”
By landandfurrow


Bomb Pop Lapel Pin
“Inspired by summer vacation, our Bomb Pop Lapel Pin is the perfect accessory to transport you back to your childhood laying on the lawn eating popsicles.”
By Valley Cruise Press


Bottled Up Feelings Enamel Pin by
“I’ve been slowly bottling up my feelings for a long time. Feel a feel, put it in the jar and screw the lid on tight. When it’s safe, open the jar carefully and let some out. Enjoy one on a nice day. Sneak a few on a cold winter night. Spread some on toast over the weekend. Or hey, you could keep bottling them up until the jar bursts. Whatever feels right for you.”
By AdamJK


Introvert Hard Enamel Cloisonné Lapel Pin
“Pin this to your favorite jacket, bag, sweater, etc and let the world know you are proud to be an introvert!”
By shopluellatx


I Feel Great Enamel Pin
“Tell it like it is! No reason to be shy, if you feel great, feel great! Also functions as the exact opposite. ‘How are you doing?’ ‘Great.’ ‘Okay, really?’ ‘I said, I feel great. Leave me the hell alone. So how do you really feel? Guess that’s up to you to know, and everyone else to find out.”
By AdamJK


You Tried Enamel Pin
“You say consolation prize, I say HEY IT’S A PRIZE, PRIZES ARE COOL. Who cares if you win or lose as long as you make an effort? This enamel pin is as shiny as any trophy, but unlike a trophy, you can wear this and make people look at it every single day. Take that, first place. Also, can we be real for a second? Sometimes it takes a LOT of effort to even try at all. I feel like it’s not unreasonable to celebrate trying. Actually, this is something I’ve thought about before. Pair this with the AT LEAST YOU’RE STILL TRYING ribbon for the ultimate ‘hang in there’ gift.”
By AdamJK


“Meh Medal” Enamel Pin Black/Gold
“Our MEH Medal enamel pin in black and gold. Part of the ‘Accolades’ series. Participation is for suck-ups.”
By Satellite Goods.


Frida Kahlo Enamel Pin
“Frida Kahlo was a badass. She was an incredibly fierce woman and artist. She loved being independent and breaking stupid conventions.”
By thefoundretail


Unicorn Rainbow Enamel Pin
“This unicorn is gorgeous & magical creature. And so are you!”
By thefoundretail


Life Lesson Enamel Pin
“A little collection of pins, titled ‘Life lessons learned from things I like.'”
By kookoobird


Polaroid Enamel Pin
“Let’s see what develops.”
By These are Things


Rainbow Lapel Pin
By crywolf


Things Will Work Out Pin
By People I Loved


1.5 Inch Anxiety Ghost Hard Enamel Pin
By Matt Darling

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