October 10 2016

Su Blackwell’s Whimsical, Fairy Tale-Like Dresses

Opening this Sunday, October 16, at Museum Sinclair-Haus in Bad Homburg, Germany, artist Su Blackwell will be presenting two ethereal works. Called The Grass Grows between her Toes and While you were Sleeping, two beautiful dresses appear intact, until you notice the shredded at the bottom. The resulting trains appear like something you’d see out of a fairy tale. Blackwell combines textile, in the form of the Victorian dresses, with her traditional papercut art, to create something extraordinary.

Here’s the meaning to one of them. “While You Were Sleeping is a dress with thousands of cut-out moths escaping from its skirts. It was based on the Burmese tradition that people’s souls turn into butterflies while they sleep and if you wake them up the soul doesn’t have time to return to the body so they die.”

These works are part of the exhibition Second Skin. It’s where international artists, explore our relationship between skin, clothing and nature. You can see these up close and personal until February 12, 2017.


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