June 17 2016

Life Unfolding: Top 10 Moments of the Week

Wow, that week went by fast! On Tuesday, my sister, Carol, our friend, Kat, and I went to a paint night. Basically, you sip on wine while an instructor guides you through creating a painting. It was nice to get out of my normal rut and do something creative. I added a few pictures of Sammy in here, in honor of the upcoming Father’s Day.

What are you up to this weekend? We’re pretty wide open, which is nice. We’ll probably end up taking the kids to the museums at Balboa Park. Next week, I’ll be gone from Tuesday through Thursday. My mother-in-law wants to take the kids on a train ride. We’ll start in Anaheim and then make our way down to San Diego. We’re staying at an Airbnb rental that’s oceanfront. The boys love playing in the sand so I think they’ll enjoy their time at the beach.

Above: That’s our older dog, Charlie, getting petted by Sam.


Parker was so proud to show me his drawing.


The boys are still young enough where the smell of their hair is intoxicating.


I thought the rules at Paint Night were pretty funny. No whining and no hitting!


We started with blank canvases.


This is how my painting turned out. It was fun creating the red trees.


I liked the slogan on the aprons. “Drink creatively.”


I’ll never tire of watching Parker or Logan play with Legos.


When we’re at my in-law’s house, Logan insists on riding their golf cart.


Logan spotted Parker playing with Legos. I like how you can see Sam watching the boys while sitting in the shadows.


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