April 4 2016

Life Unfolding: Top 10 Moments of the Week

I was going to put this post up last Friday but I got into an accident with a motorcycle. Everything is fine, the motorcyclist ran a red and turned wide into my lane. He got a few scratches and so did my car. What’s life without a few crazy moments like this?

In any case, here are last week’s top 10 moments of the week. The photo, above, shows Parker picking out his ice cream from our neighborhood ice cream truck. Of course, I had to get my favorite, Strawberry Shortcake.


I caught this moment of Parker excited to see Sam come home. With those outstretched arms, he just can’t contain his excitement.


Parker has been riding his bike during our walks. Here he stopped to see what was beyond the fence.


This is a picture of my nephew, Riverton, eating an orange.


Parker and Riverton were checking out some bugs on the ground.


Parker taking a break during gym class.


Logan cradled in our nanny, Cindy’s, arms. He had just woken up from a nap so he was a bit discombobulated.


Logan sporting his “English teacher” jacket. He almost looks like he’s striking a pose.


The two boys at the mall riding a fake sports car. Remember when these used to be a quarter?


The inevitable falls. I always tell Parker that we all fall down in life, the important thing to remember is to always get up.


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