May 27 2016

Top 15 Images of the Last Two Weeks

Last week, I was helping with the fair so I couldn’t put up my Friday’s list of Top 10 Images of the Week. This week, I thought I’d combine the past two weeks into one post and show you 15 total images. Not only will you get a peek into the fair, you’ll see some photos of Logan playing at the park and hiding inside a huge box. As mentioned last time, I also took some photos of patterns that caught my eye.

Photo above shows Sam pointing out a hummingbird in a tree. This was during one of our hikes at Santa Rosa Plateau.


Parker borrowed this toy car from a neighborhood kid. He loved zooming around in it.


I like the look of the colorful wheel at this angle.


On our walk, I spotted this yellow fire hydrant surrounded by pink roses. Pretty sight.


That’s Logan listening intently for the ice cream truck. (Sadly, it didn’t come that day.)


I took Logan to a close neighborhood park. I like all the lines in this picture.


The park was really empty so I got to place around with symmetry.


At this year’s fair, I only brought my iPhone but was happy to capture this shot of Parker greeting his dad.


First stop at the fair was at the fireman’s truck. They were kind enough to give us this photo op. Surprisingly, Parker was pretty shy.


Can’t beat 50-cent snowcones! Bu the time Logan finished his, all of the syrup was over his white shirt.


At the fair, in the petting zoo, Parker got to feed both the turtle and the birds.


Here’s an outtake from our Disneyland trip. I love Riverton’s face of pure joy.


Out of all the toys at my sister’s place, the boys gravitated towards this big, empty box. I guess it’s like a mini man-cave!


These stones are part of a pathway at my in-laws house. I like how they’re all different sizes but they make up a cohesive pattern.


Smooth stones look beautiful when interspersed with golden leaves.


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