May 26 2016

Our Family Trip to Disneyland (Really, California Adventure)

With the fair being on a Saturday, Sam and I decided to take a day off on Monday to relax with the kids. The fair went well, by the way, there were thousands of people and Parker got to hang out and talk to the community’s policemen, firemen and ambulance drivers. Moms, you know how much that means.

We called our brother-in-law, Burt, to ask him if he wanted to meet us up at Disneyland. We spent about three hours eating and playing at the California Adventure side of the park. I lugged my big DSLR to Disneyland for the very first time. (I’d always just take pictures using my iPhone but I wanted to practice shooting with a higher quality camera). For the most part, it wasn’t too hard balancing two kids and a huge camera. I had to sneak in my pictures where I could. I kept thinking – Line, Light, Moment. I actually want to go back to Disneyland, sans kids, and take pictures of patterns or symmetry at the park.

Alas, here are my pictures from Monday.


Logan and Parker in Downtown Disney taking a break before we entered the park.


My nephew Riverton wanted to hold hands with Parker. It was so sweet.


Parker didn’t want to ride on Little Mermaid with the rest of the group, so we just hung out at one of the benches.


My brother-in-law, Burt, and his son, Riverton, watching the Toy Story green army parade.


The three kids hanging around, checking out the big lake and the large ferris wheel.


Logan and Parker love playing the fishing game. It’s a guaranteed winner every time. We end up with lots of stuffed animals but we give them away to random strangers just because.


Sam bought a lot of credits so the kids went fishing for quite some time.


Riverton won two medium size prizes which came out to two Mickey Mouses! He was over the moon.


We rode the carousel next. Parker’s a big boy now so he can ride all by himself. Logan, not so much. He started kicking and screaming. (I had flashbacks to the tram ride at the Wild Animal Park.) Poor Sam almost had to take him off but luckily Logan calmed down.


Logan’s sweet spot. (Over Sammy’s left shoulder.)


He quickly fell asleep and stayed in that position for at least an hour. (Poor Sam’s arms.)


We bought Riverton and Parker each a new car. Damn that store, Ridemakerz, on the way out! The car version of Build-A-Bear is kind of genius, though. Parker got his remote control-style Lightning McQueen car. The kids had a blast playing with it once we got back to Burt’s house.


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