November 30 2015

A Sweet Alternative to Disneyland: Adventure City in Anaheim

Yesterday, our family met up with my sisters and their kids for a fun-filled day at Adventure City. Though it’s one of the smallest theme parks in California, Adventure City has lots of rides and attractions for kids, especially if they’re under ten. Opened in 1994, it’s an affordable alternative to Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm, in fact, you don’t even have to pay for parking!

There are a lot of great advantages to coming here over Disneyland, the first one being that it’s only about $17 per person whereas Disneyland will set you back about $100. There are enough rides to keep the kids busy. While the younger kids loved the “choo choo” train and the park’s version of “Autotopia”, the older kids had a fun time on the roller coasters. “Rewind Racers” is a roller coaster that goes both forward and backwards, a North America first. For a little downtime, the kids enjoyed the petting farm where they had a lot of goats just waiting to be touched.

The only complaint I have is that the food was a little pricey but that’s expected for a theme park. We spent between two to three hours there and we fit in a ton of rides, mostly because there were no lines. (Yes, no lines!) Also, the park was pretty well kept.

Parker giving his cousin Berry a warm welcome hug.

Logan getting a sweet pat from his cousin Bobby.

Uncle Burt walking around with cousin Riverton. Sammy taking the kids on the train.


My sister Carol riding the Crazy Bus with the kids.

Logan watching his cousins ride the Crazy Bus.

Parker riding the carousel with cousin Berry.



Parker and his cousin Riverton on Rescue 911, like Autotopia but with ambulances, fire trucks and police cars.

Cousin Riverton and Parker in the Thomas and Friends area.




Petting farm was a hit!


Logan in his favorite place, daddy’s arms.

Do you have any favorite places you take your kids? Where do you go instead of major theme parks like Disneyland?

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  1. Minh says:

    My litlte girl has been to litlte to ride on our 2 previous trips to Florida so we had promised a trip once she was tall enough.So we are of in July staying at the Arnold Palmer Golf coarse at Reunion so I may get a break myself!!

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