May 13 2016

Life Unfolding: Top 10 Moments of the Week

It’s been a fun week. No sick kids…yay! We actually headed out to the beach for a sunset dinner (with kids in tow of course), we enjoyed a nice breakfast at one of our favorite French cafes (not bougie), and the boys played a lot outside. The weather has been great in So Cal. Here are my family’s top 10 moments of the week.

Above: The kids let me capture this picture of them lying next to each other. When they’re calm, they’re so cute. (Mothers, you know what I mean.)


On one random day this week, Sam and I enjoyed a nice, quiet breakfast without the boys. We hit up a French cafe, called Vallee d’Brume, that primarily serves desserts. Through Yelp we found out that they also have some killer breakfasts. Sam went a little rogue and ordered this meat and cheese plate. It was just as good as it looks.


These are some few outtakes from our beach trip. Sam doesn’t let me capture many pictures of him. I like the colors and background in this shot.


Sammy watching Logan throw rocks at the beach. I like how relaxed we felt there. The kids did their own thing and we just hung out and watched them.


This is a rare picture of Logan. The guy never sits still. I like how he’s not smiling. Man, he loves playing amongst the rocks.


What would a beach photo series be without the classic “feet in the sand” picture?


That’s Parker screeching down the driveway in his tricycle. He’s outgrown it but still likes to ride it fast.


Logan and Sam sharing a sweet moment. It’s amazing how much Logan loves his daddy. He runs up to him every day we get home from work and it’s all “Appa, Appa, Appa”! (Which means daddy in Korean.)


I like this picture because it looks like Logan is meditating. Of course, it’s on the driveway but, hey, I can’t seem to sit still for more than five minutes anywhere.


Finally, here’s Logan and Parker in their pjs. They’re getting ready for bed. I tried to get a shot of them for grandma, who bought them their pjs, but ended up getting this. It’s so perfectly captures their personalities.

Next week, I think I’m going to try and capture more photos of what inspires me. I’ll still be taking pictures of Parker and Logan, but I’m going to change it up a bit to keep things fresh.


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