May 2 2016

The Minimalist Hotel of My Dreams

Book me a ticket to Mexico! This has got to be the most minimalist hotel I’ve ever seen. Called Mar Adento Hotel, in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico it was designed by Mexican architect Miguel Ángel Aragonés and features 205 rooms that are equipped with a special tablet that lets you customize every detail of your stay, from the lighting and curtains to the room service. You can tell that the hotel was made with simplicity and elegance in mind, given their unapologetic use of the color white and floor to ceiling glass.

Here’s how one visitor explained his experience: “The design of this structure is completely breathtaking. Every visual detail is thoughtfully considered in both daylight and night. A mentally relaxing monochromatic space by day and a vibrant colorful mosaic once night falls. The bodies of water pumped in throughout the property are remarkable and pristinely cleaned daily. You will honestly feel like you’re in the future.”

Sam and I debating on whether we should take a trip to London or Cabo this year. After seeing this hotel, guess which one I’m leaning towards?









via [Contemporist]
Photos by Joe Fletcher


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