April 29 2016

Fun Links of the Week

Happy Friday and welcome to another week of Fun Links of the Week! As always, I’m gathering up the most interesting links out there, especially the ones that relate to art, design and photography. Of course, I sprinkle in some style and business links in, as well, just to add some flavor. Though I try to keep things relevant, just a quick heads up, you might find some slighter older links in here, too.

What are you to this weekend? I’m hanging out with some old friends at Balboa Park tomorrow and then we’re celebrating my nephew Riverton’s second birthday at my sister’s house on Sunday. Lots of fun up ahead. Just crossing my fingers no one gets sick!

Have a great weekend!

Are you listening to Embedded? The new podcast takes a story from the news and goes deep. (I like the host, Kelly McEvers, who’s also the co-host of All Things Considered.) This morning, I heard part of the El Salvador father-daughter story and almost cried. (Here’s the transcript.)

Now I don’t feel so bad about missing Coachella this year.

New York buildings look strangely beautiful in desolate landscapes.

I want these Secret Wood rings (especially the “snow”-filled ones like Enchanted Forest).

How clever is this rocket desk lamp? (via NotCot)

I didn’t know I needed this until now.

What are creatives’ favorite words?

My phone deserves this sleek gold stand.

Comcast just bought DreamWorks. Here’s co-founder Jeffrey Katzenberg’s story.

My minimalist-loving heart wants to live here.

Art + Photography lovers, here’s the ultimate Tumblr list.

Old barn turned modern home. (When can I move in?)

I finally found a good reason to (maybe) join Snapchat.

Facebook had a good week and now I hear one of my other favorite companies did, too. (Buy, buy, buy!)

They had me at minimalist.

Beauty junkies, here’s some breaking news.

Photo, Spring by Thomas Roux. Taken in Ménerbes, France.

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