April 26 2016

My Nephew’s Panda-Themed Birthday Party

Last week, the boys were sick so we had to stay home for the majority of the weekend but we managed to make it out to a Sunday dinner at my sister’s place for my nephew, Evan’s, birthday party. (We missed out in staying at Great Wolf Lodge, which was the first part of the celebration, and attending my friend daughter’s first birthday. Total bummer. From what my sisters said, Great Wolf Lodge was especially designed for kids, particularly those from five to 12.)

The cousins love seeing each other. In fact, they see each other so often that they’ve developed strong bonds with one other. The older kids are so gentle and sweet with the younger ones, it warms my heart!

I remember the day when Evan was born like it was yesterday. My sister Grace and I put our ears to the door (only the mother-in-law and father were allowed in) and when we heard Evan’s first cry we burst into tears, overwhelmed with emotion. (I think we even hugged!) Since Evan is the first of all the kids, he holds a special place in my heart. “Auntie Alice” found such pure love for her sister’s son it even shocked her. (Yes, I am writing in the third person.)

I can’t say enough about how much I love that kid. Once, when I tore one of my leg muscles skiing, he asked me what happened and then a month later followed up, inquiring about it again. The crazy thing is that he was probably only five or so at the time! What compassion, I thought.

In any case, here are some of the pictures from the party.


It was a panda-themed birthday party, since Evan loves pandas.


My niece, Berry, putting together the DIY flower arrangements by cutting some flowers from around my sister’s garden.


Logan playing with a colorful slinky.


Parker and Berry sharing a sweet moment.


Evan and Parker’s warm embrace.


The kids watching a movie, eating popcorn. That’s my nephew, Riverton, in front and Logan right behind him.


Evan reacting to the present we gave him. Cash is king!


Riverton and Logan enjoying their pre-meal popsicles.


The feast! For his birthday dinner, my sister, Carol, and her husband, Burt, cooked up all of Evan’s favorite foods.


Burt made all the steaks. They were cooked to perfection! He uses the sous-vide method. (Highly recommend this.)


Evan looking contemplative while Riverton watches his brother from the side.


Parker wearing his hat and enjoying the meal. We all ate outside.


Carol said whoever sang “Happy Birthday” the loudest got rewarded the first cupcake. (Parker won. That boy doesn’t sing, he screams.)


Evan blowing the candles out on his cupcakes.

Happy Birthday, Evan! We love you.

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