January 23 2017

Amazing Crowd Pictures and Creative Signs at the Women’s Marches

Saturday was a historic day. I wasn’t able to attend a Women’s March because I had to attend to Parker’s future school situation but I saw all the action through the news and social media. It made me so proud to be a woman and it gave me hope that we all can come together to fight for what we believe in.

On CNN, I heard America Ferrera’s speech to the Washington DC crowd. It was powerful.

“We march today for the moral core of this nation, against which our new president is waging a war. Our dignity, our character, our rights have all been under attack, and a platform of hate and division assumed power yesterday. But the president is not America. … We are America, and we are here to stay.”

A few pictures that stayed with me was the one above taken by Eric Garcetti of the massive LA crowd (750,000 strong!) and of the one photographer Sam Horine took of the rally in New York City at 42nd Street. There are more people than the eye can see!


And the signs! They were so creative. Here were a few of my favorites.


gettyimages-6323022361via Heavy

via DNAinfo

via Heavy

via TeenVogue

via Ellie Hall

via msanamatronic

Finally, here’s an article in the New Yorker about the march and my favorite paragraph from it.

“The radical possibility of the Women’s March, the hope that hasn’t been squashed, is a broad alignment of straight, middle-class white women with all the people who were glad to stand beside them and march: the black and queer and disabled women, the minimum-wage workers and undocumented immigrants, all the people whose rights to self-determination are constantly under threat. The crowds on Saturday were so enormous, so radiant with love and dissent, that this larger coming together seemed possible. As Trump’s Administration proves itself unkind to all but the wealthy, perhaps there is a coalition ready to speak their hearts, to listen, to welcome anyone in.”


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