March 31 2016

How To Get Sharper Photos Using Your DSLR

Yesterday, Parker rode his bike around the neighborhood so I was able to catch a few shots of him as well as some flowers in full bloom. After watching this video by B and H, called The 15 Features of Your DSLR That Every Photographer Should Know, I learned how to get more shots in focus. Want to know the secret? There are two. First, you change your camera’s settings so you’re using the AF-ON button behind your camera. Now, you don’t have to click your shutter button halfway down and then click again to get a shot. The only downside is that you now use two fingers, you push the AF-ON button and then the shutter button. Here’s step by step instructions on how to set up your back button focus on your Canon Mark II. (This article explains what the benefits are to using back button focus.)

The other handy thing I learned about was changing your focal point, especially when shooting portrait versus landscape. For most photos, especially landscape shots, you can get away with center point focus but, every so often, you want to change your focal point so that you’re getting what you want in focus. This is especially useful for subjects like animals and people in portrait shots.

I’m happy to report that after learning these two tricks, my photos started to come out much sharper.








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