August 1 2017

The Only Way I Shop: Subscription Boxes

I used to be a person who enjoyed the mall experience. Wander around department stores like Bloomingdales or Nordstroms and picking out a thing or two. BUT THEN! I discovered subscription boxes and I was hooked!

You may have heard that Amazon just entered to the game. (You have to be a Prime member.) There, you can select 3 to 15 items of clothes or accessories and you have seven days to decide on whether or not you’ll keep any of them. It’s good for the working women who doesn’t want to spend a lot on work clothes like dresses.

I tried Stich Fix and I just felt like it didn’t fit my personality. The clothes were too bright, didn’t fit and wasn’t up to par in quality. So I turned my attention to two companies in the game: MM.LaFleur and Le Tote.

MM.LaFleur makes polished clothes for the working women. Their prices are a bit high but they’re pretty fashionable despite the fact that they’re clothes for work. I usually just buy one out of the five or six pieces they send me. Their customer service is great, a stylist sends you an email asking you if there’s anything you need. After I try on all my clothes, I jump on my computer to give my feedback about each individual item. This ranges from style (did not fit, does not like the color) to price (too expensive). You have only four days to try on the clothes and then return them in their prepaid mailer. Recently, I got this this jacket called the Woolf. It’s like a stretchy blazer. It has small shoulder pads that give you that extra umph. It’s my new favorite piece of clothing. You can dress it up or down. Today I’m wearing a Skylar Yoo statement tee with it along with black leggings and heels.

The second company I’m buying from is Le Tote. This works like “Netflix.” You pay $49 dollars per month for three items of clothes and two accessories. After you’ve worn their clothes, you can return them for more. Cool thing is that you can keep your items as long as you like but, if you’re like me, you either buy it or you return it soon so you can get the next box. You’re basically paying the monthly fee so why not get the most bang for the buck (variety). It’s important to note that this company lets you “swap” out items and pick them out yourself, rather than have your stylist just send you what they think you want. They’re having a big clearance sale right now if you want to see what they offer. I recently got this blue floral blouse and I loved it enough to buy it.

Shopping will never be the same again! Bye bye department stores. Hello, online subscription boxes!


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