March 27 2017

Manhattan’s Stunningly Streaky Skyscrapers by Alexandra Pacula

Artist Alexandra Pacula just sent word that she’s opening a new show on April 20th. Called Vertical City, it will be held at Gallery Henoch, in New York City, until May 13th. For this show, the Polish-born, New York-based artist was inspired by the grandeur of Manhattan’s shimmering towers. A total of 12 large-scale paintings will be on display, which will all capture the city at night.

Doesn’t this almost look like a manipulated photo? I asked Alexandra about that and she replied, “It is a 100% oil painting on canvas no tricks.”

The moment I saw this painting, I fell in love with it! Particularly I love the vertical streaks and the rainbow of colors. Wish I could see this in person. (New Yorkers, do your part and check this show out.)


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