February 13 2017

Trend: Pretty Ruffles Clothing by Self-Portrait

Lately, I’ve been sort of a style kick. You’ll have to excuse me but most of my posts these days are dealing with clothes. One can find a lot of visual inspiration through fashion, trends come and go, it’s fun to see which ones stick. One of the trends I’ve been seeing lately (that I’m loving) is ruffles. Aimee Song of @songofstyle just sported a beautiful black and white ruffle top, but she didn’t state where it came from. After some digging, I think I figured it out – it’s from fashion brand Self-Portrait. Perhaps Song got a custom made top of the design seen above?

Whatever the case, here are some more clothes with ruffles from Self-Portrait.

Here’s how Neiman Marcus describes the brand: “The emerging London-based brand Self-Portrait has impressed style aficionados with its subtle, feminine, and contemporary designs that are luxurious yet accessible. Founded by Malaysian-born designer Han Chong, the brand produces beautiful designer dresses that are ideal for social events and parties.”





Self-Portrait at Neiman Marcus


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