February 9 2017

The Most Comfortable Flats

Though I love the look of high heels, on a day to day basis I’m all about flats. Comfort is key, and now that there are so many cute flats out there it’s easy to wear them all the time. I’m not sure where I got tipped off about Sam Edelman flats but they’re by far the cutest and most comfortable flats I’ve ever seen. They look like ballerina slippers, so they have that classic feel to them. Amazon is selling them in a ridiculous amount of colors. I bought a basic black pair about six months ago, they’re my go-to shoes almost every day. Just a few days ago, I decided to spice things up and get the Pink Garnet pair (see above), they’re a pretty fuchsia color. I’d love to buy them in rose gold but I can’t seem to find them anywhere.

Amazon took me to Zappos to buy the shoes. They cost about $70 but they’re a great investment given how comfortable and versatile they are.



Sam Edelman’s shoes on Amazon


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