February 8 2017

In Hawaii, Stunning New Art That Will Stop You in Your Tracks

My favorite art gallery, Thinkspace, is again teaming up with Pow! Wow! Hawaii to put on heck of an art show. This will be the fourth time the two have collaborated on an exhibition. Located at the Honolulu Museum of Art School from February 12 through February 17, 2017, all are welcome to see the most exciting art in the New Contemporary Movement.

Personally, I love Tran Nguyen’s piece (seen above). Maybe it’s because I’ve dyed my own hair pink or it could be the bright blue tattoos on the woman’s body that draws me in.

Wish I was in Hawaii to see this show in person!

Above: Tran Nguyen, “The Magenta Maiden”, (2017), Acrylic and colored pencil on paper

Tatiana Suarez, “Pink Matter”, (2017), Oil and aerosol on wood panel

Sail, “Long Exhale (Cycle or Staple)”, (2017), Ink, watercolor and acrylic on paper

Molly Gruninger, “The Pursuit”, (2017), Oil on canvas

Amy Sol, “Wayfaren”, (2017), Oil on wood panel

Alex Garant, “From Her Ashes”, (2017), Oil on canvas

Wiley Wallace, “Flying Away”, (2017), Acrylic on wood panel

David Cooley, “Theater of the Mind”, (2017), Acrylic and resin on wood panel

Mari Inukai, “Blue”, (2017), Oil on canvas

OakOak (1) 2
Oak Oak, “Flying Donuts Homer”, (2017), Stenciled spray paint on wood panel

Brian M. Viveros, “We Can Do It”, (2017), Oil and acrylic on maple board


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