December 8 2016

Celebrating My Sister’s Award: Employee of the Year!

This past weekend, my sisters and our husbands got together for a very exciting event. My sister, Carol, won Employee of the Year! The award was given by NOCBA or the North Orange County Bar Association. It was the perfect excuse to get dressed up. All the kids stayed home while the adults got to celebrate Carol’s huge achievement.

Above: Does this guy look familiar? It’s Richard Blade, the KROQ DJ from the ’80s! He was so sweet and sincere. He stopped what he was doing to take this picture. Then, he told us to give him any song request, from the ’80s to the present day.


This is Carol with her husband Burt. It felt like we were going to Prom (or Homecoming).


Grace, with her husband, Keith.


A picture of most of us, standing in the hotel.


Our table was specially reserved. I felt like VIP!


There are not that many pictures of me and Carol together.


This is a a picture of Carol with her coworkers. They all came to cheer her on.


Grace ad I showed our support by wearing Carol’s face on a stick.


We went over to the photo booth area and gathered some props. Keith looks hilarious in this shot! What a photobomb!


Here’s how our photo booth pictures turned out. It was a fun and festive night for the whole family. Congrats, to my sister and best friend, Carol!

Note: I bought my blue lace dress on Dillard’s.


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