October 28 2016

Fun Links of the Week

Tomorrow’s the big day! It’s the annual Halloween party held at my sister, Carol’s, house. My family is dressing up as rock stars. I’ll be going as Katy Perry, Sam will be Boy George, Parker is going as Michael Jackson and little Logan will be Axl Rose. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the family will be dressed up as.

Now, here are some fun links of the week.

In this house, love how the inside flows with the outside.

Pictures to make you appreciate autumn.

Poketo, a fun little store, is getting another location!

There should be a ban on these Halloween costumes.

Can you say yum?

10 life lessons from one of my favorite blogs. (Sleep!)

Polish artist turns classic paintings into GIFs.

In Pars, digital street art of couples kissing.

Travelers, you’ll want to check out this tech article.

Candles that smell like the forest. (via Cup of Jo)

An interesting read. “Screw Finding Your Passion.”

Stunning! Modern Ukranian women dressed in traditional Ukranian floral headdresses.

Loving GOT’s star, Emilia Clarke’s, new house.

This crazy cat lady costume is too cute not to share.

Now that’s a funny (and creative) bus.

Photo via PureWow


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