October 12 2016

Beautiful New Paper Artworks by Peter Callesen

One of my favorite paper artists, Peter Callesen, is showing new works at the Faaborg Artmuseum in Denmark. From now till March 12, 2017, come see the exhibition Suspended Death, where he interprets the artworks of three artists who are all connected to the Faaborg Artmuseum as a part of the permanent collection.

The artists Peter was inspired by are Kai Nielsen and his stone sculptures ‘Marmorpigen’ (The Marble Girl) and ‘Granittøsen’ (The Granite Lass), Anna Syberg and her watercolor paintings of flowers: ‘Blooming Phyllocactus’, ‘Wild Rose’ and ‘Apple Branch’ and finally Johannes Larsen’s delicate illustration ‘Woodpigeons’.

According to Callesen, “The exhibition thematizes death and decay, as well as it deals with oppositions between lightness and weight, between soaring and falling.”

The first work in this post, an installation of a dove flying, is my favorite.

Above: ‘Dead Dove’ 2016, Installation, Faaborg Artmuseum, Fåborg, DK. 385 x 258 x 75 cm 120 g. paper and glue. photo: Kirstine Mengel

‘Apple Blossom’ 2016, 44 x 44 x 9 cm Acid-free 120 g. paper, pencil, water colour, glue and oak frame

‘Wild White Roses’ 2016, 120 x 100 x 13 cm Acid-free 120 g, paper, glue and ash wood frame photo: Kirstine Mengel

‘Girl’ made from small notes, 2016, Installation, 200 x 200 x 155 cm, Small sheets of 34 g. Zairei Japanese paper and glue. photo: Kirstine Mengel

‘Flying and Falling Sparrows’ 2016. detail, Installation, 250 x 150 x 45 cm 120 g. paper and glue


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