October 6 2016

Start Collecting Limited Edition Prints at Twyla

If you’re in the market to buy art, but you don’t want to buy a cheap print and you can’t afford something from Sotheby’s, check out the new website Twyla. The company takes all the hassle out of buying limited edition prints: they’ve hired a team of expert curators who have selected 300 pieces from 80 well-known artists from around the world whose works can be found at the Whitney, the Guggenheim, and the MoMa. Worried about framing? Each item arrives at the buyer’s home framed and protected in a sturdy box designed for Twyla by an aerospace engineer. For $150, Twyla can even send expert a gallery-trained handler to install the print on your wall, or you can install it yourself using a special “welcome kit” that Twyla created.

After perusing their site, I came across a lot of pretty artworks. Take a look yourself and then tell me what you think.

Above: Arno Elias, Elephant Rainbow

Warren Neidich, Skirting the Half Truths of our Love Drained

Marina Vernicos, Milos

Miya Ando, Bodhi Leaf Mandala (pink)

Miya Ando, “Obon” (The return of the spirits 2), floating phosphorescent Bodhi Leaves in a pond

Marina Vernicos, Sifnos

Peter Ruehle, Abstract Landscape 16

via Fast Company


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