August 3 2016

Beautifully Embroidered Scenes by Jordan Harmon

Artist Jordan Harmon has a gift for making beautifully artistic embroidery. Her scenes aren’t complicated, she often leaves a fair amount of negative space in her hoops but that’s what makes them so unique. I particularly love her ferris wheel one. Her pieces consist of embroidery, acrylic paint and thread on canvas.

As she states, “Each embroidery is completely unique, handmade, and one of a kind. Every tiny stitch is thought out and made completely freehand, without a pattern. The background set behind the stitching is handpainted using acrylic paint. These unique details help to create a special piece of art that is individual with its own story. No two will ever be exactly alike.”

You can follow Jordan on Instagram where she shows much of her work. You can also buy a piece of hers on Etsy.






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