July 28 2016

Seek Magic Every Day

I love this! It’s an inkjet print of mixed media artwork that includes watercolor, acrylic, and Photoshop. It was created by Bend, Oregon-based Katie Daisy of The Wheatfield. The piece was handmade. I wonder if Katie arranged all those flowers herself?

Etsy featured The Wheatfield back in 2013. In that post, Katie stated, “Being able to create a business based upon doing what I love means I get to pour my heart and soul into the work, because the work is me. It’s this constant means of self discovery. I feel more connected with the world now, and it’s made me realize the effect we can have on each other as individuals. There’s this potential to the human spirit I think the majority of us ignore — the ability we have to encourage, and to bring hope and change into other people’s lives.”


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