July 14 2016

New Tender Street Art Piece by Jana and JS

Ahead of their show at StolenSpace gallery, street artist duo Jana and JS recently put up three new street art pieces in London. I particularly love one of them, it’s of a woman holding a person (possibly a child) in her arms. It’s a beautiful reminder that love is all around us.

You can see more of their works at StolenSpace from now till July 31st. The exhibition is called Inner World and it features works on wood and recycled materials. Jana and JS have a unique look, they make pieces exclusively based on their own photos, creating beautiful stencils out of them.

Their pieces at StolenSpace are about relationships. As they say, “Since we first met and since we started to live and work together, sharing our deepest feelings has always been an essential aspect in building our artistic identity, and those emotions are always a great inspiration. It is the reason why we explore the representation of different relationships, and particularly the image of ‘the couple’. The evolution of our life together and the births of our son and our daughter made us more and more express interest in different kind of relationships.”


You can follow Jana and JS on Instagram.
via [TimeOut]


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