June 16 2016

52 Weeks of Photo Inspiration

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, especially when you’re dealing with photography. What should I shoot? Is there something I should concentrate on? Over on Pinterest, I found this great list of “prompts” or themes that give you an idea of what you could be shooting. It was created by Stephanie Clark from the blog Behind the Camera and Dreaming.

“As part of supporting and encouraging our 365 group my co-hosts and I thought it would be a good idea to have a weekly (optional) prompt or inspiration to help us stay creative in our photography and boost us out of our funks! We proposed the idea to the group and made a list of 52 prompts! I decided that we should make our prompts pretty, so here is a list of prompts by week and an inspiration printable for inspiring your photography.”

Currently, we’re in week 24, so this week it’s all about dad! I like how the list incorporates holidays. For instance, the first week of the year is “resolution” for New Year’s and the last week of the year is “joy, hope and peace” for Christmas.

In my daily shooting, I hope to incorporate these prompts. You’ll see a hint of them in my weekly wrap up posts, Life Unfolding, which are up on Fridays. You can download a printable 8×10 of this sheet, here.


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