June 6 2016

How to Make Your Images Stand Out From the Crowd

“In this technological era we are surrounded almost constantly by photographic imagery, so if we want our images to stand out from the crowd they often have to be unique in some way. Consequently there is a strong pressure imposed on photographers for originality in their imagery. Beware, though, as there is an obvious danger here if the photographer simply tries to be different for its own sake. Simply being different doesn’t make an image good. Invariably, we will end up putting our own stamp onto our images anyway as we develop our personal vision and style, which will give them some degree of uniqueness in itself. To close this brief discourse on the role of the mindset, remember that to free our creative juices we need to remove the filters that a stressed, distracted mind would impose on our work and develop an ability to focus intently on what we are doing, to be totally calm and present, as we go about it. Take time to get ‘into the zone.’ Engage the subject with a sense of awe and wonder, opening up all your senses to relish the experience.”

– Richard Garvey-Williams in Mastering Composition: The Definitive Guide for Photographers


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