May 26 2016

Beautiful Faux Bouquets by Abigail Ahern

Though I love getting fresh flowers, I’m terrible at keeping them alive. That’s why when I saw these beautiful faux bouquets on Terrain’s website I thought these would be perfect! They’re remarkably realistic and the best part is you don’t have to water them. English designer Abigail Ahern hand-assembles each bouquet and creates beautiful combinations of flowers. My favorite is Lavender Meadow (which you see above). It’s made of tiny blossoms in shades of periwinkle and lavender. Set in a tin jar, it looks rustic yet timeless. (Since I love the smell of lavender, I’d probably buy this mist to go along with it.)

The flowers are not dried. They’re made of silk, plastic and wire. I never knew that silk flowers could look so realistic!


Green Hydrangea Faux Bouquet


White Meadow Faux Bouquet

I’m also loving this dried rose and Larkspur bouquet and this dried globe amaranth bunch in red. Also, this faux magnolia branch would look classic in a simple blue vase, as pictured. It almost looks like the wind is blowing it.


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